The Importance and Value Of Life Insurance Companies

Every single year there are Americans that are looking for life insurance policies from a reliable and caring life insurance company. Life insurance and health insurance are important but are not the same. While health insurance works to cover medical expenses, life insurance is more based within the realm of protecting the family of someone who has passed. So here are all of the facts on a life insurance company.

In the year of 1962, just about 50% of all Americans over 65 had no health insurance. The Commonwealth Fund collected data in 2015 that has revealed that only 2% of all Americans over the age of 65 have coverage. While there are some people who cannot tell the difference between life insurance policy and a healthcare insurance policy, they still need to make sure they get the right fit for their lives.

While some people may view the work done by a life insurance company as shady or sketchy, there are still plenty of people that need their help. A life insurance company is going to help analyze your life and health to determine what is the best type of life insurance policy for you and your lifestyle. Then, you can help your family in the instance that you ever pass away.

A Gallup poll from January 2015 revealed that just about two in every five Americans under the age of 65 have healthcare coverage from their employer. However, it is rather rare that life insurance plans are provided by businesses to their employees. So nonetheless, there is great value in getting help from a reliable and caring life insurance company.

In a recent survey, just about 86% of all those surveyed mentioned they would agree that most people would require some amount of life insurance coverage. So there are plenty of people that believe there is great value in the work done by life insurance company. They can help someone’s family be set after a loved one potentially passes away.

Almost 3 in 5 people own some type of life insurance, and another 34% report a likelihood of making a purchase within the coming year. According to the Commonwealth Fund in 2014, the United States, unfortunately, has the highest rates of chronic health conditions. Anyone that thinks that they may have a life-threatening injury should seek out the help of a life insurance company.

Information from the state of aging and health in America revealed that the 7th leading cause of death amongst people over the age of 65 is either flu or pneumonia. However, these can be prevented easily through a simple vaccination. So it is essential that older people have great health care coverage and great life insurance policies from a reliable life insurance company to help protect them as they grow older.

According to the state of aging and health in America in 2013, a mammography screening every two years for women between the ages of 65 and 74 have shown a reduction in breast cancer-related deaths. This is the type of information that can alter or change what type of policy provided by a life insurance company. Be sure to understand the relevance of these types of situations and information!

As previously mentioned, there are some things that a life insurance company will want to analyze and check out before providing people with life insurance. Age can play a factor because 84 percent of people age 65 years and older die from heart disease. Chronic health conditions can also play a factor as 1 in 3 United States adults has pre-diabetes, and most do not know it.

In Conclusion

It is absolutely imperative that anyone older in age seeks out a life insurance policy from a reputable and reliable life insurance company. When someone passes away, their family can potentially be put in a difficult situation in terms of finances especially if this is the person who makes the most money in the house. So make sure that you take care of your family so that if anything ever happens, they are safe and secure with their finances.

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