A Beginners Guide to Bail Bond Insurance

When a judge posts bail to a defendant, they will have the opportunity to pay that bail bond and will be temporarily released from jail before their next court date. Depending on the severity of the crime, the bail may be really expensive for more severe crimes, or less expensive for minor crimes. It’s up to the defendant to gather the funds to post bail if they want to leave jail before their court date.

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Theirare three parties involved in any bail: The court, the defendant, and the bondsman. If the defendant can’t get the funds to post bail, he will call a bondsman who can acquire the money. The bondsman knows that the defendant may not show up for their court date meaning all that money will be lost.

In that case, the bondsman will invest in bail bond insurance. This will help ensure the money if the defendant does not show up.

If you are a defendant that needs to post bail, it’s a good idea to show up for your court date. For starters, you will receive the money that you posted back. And, if you don’t show up you are breaking the law again so your punishment if you get caught could be more severe.


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