How Much Car Insurance Do You Really Need

The video talks about car insurance and how much insurance a person needs to get for his or her vehicle. The person in the video discusses liability and how it’s the cheapest part of the insurance policy to get. He advises people to get 500/300 or 500/250 structures. Liability is one of the best buys in auto insurance plans. Once a person gets wealthier, then it makes more sense to attach a liability umbrella policy as well.

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An extra million dollars can be added through an umbrella policy for a few hundred dollars a year in most cases.

The speaker also talks about dealing with captive agents versus independent agents when shopping for an insurance policy. Captive agents are individuals who work for one company. These people might work for State Farm or Nationwide, and they can only sell insurance for that company. Independent insurance agents can sell many policies for many companies. It might be best to go with an independent insurance agent when trying to lock down the most affordable products and services. The independent agent will have access to many more options than the captive person will, and the customer can end up with a fantastic arrangement.

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