How to Fight Drug Charges

The video talks about how an individual can fight drug possession charges if they have been accused of such a crime.

The first tip for dealing with a drug possession charge is not to panic. A charge is an accusation. It is not the same as a conviction.

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There are some things to remember about drug possession charges. One thing about drug charges is that the prosecutor must have solid proof of the offender’s identity. Thus, they must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the accused party was indeed the one in possession of such drugs. Establishing identity can be difficult for the prosecution to do if the defendant was in a car or home with some other people.

Another thing for a defendant to remember is that the other side has to prove that the accused was in possession of the alleged drugs. Again, such cases can be challenging for the prosecution to win if the accused person was in someone else’s home or vehicle when such drugs were found. The same can be said of cases where the drugs were found on the accused person’s property. The entrance of a friend, delivery person, or repair person can throw doubt into the situation.

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