What Exactly Is Title Insurance?

The thought of being a home investor sounds exciting until you put your plans into action and realize there is a lot to learn from a title insurance company. However, acquiring title insurance will be your financial freedom as you will own property legally. The video highlights the need to have title insurance as it will cover different things depending on the policy you will choose for your property.

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As a buyer or lender, you will be required to pay, and you can use a law firm or a title insurance company to process your title insurance.

The two main policies involved in title insurance are the owner’s policy and homeowner’s policy. They differ in their coverage; whereas the owner’s policy outlines the clarity (cloud on title) of the property, ensuring the history of the property you acquired is in order with no doubted gaps as contested deeds that will attract unnecessary lawsuits. On the other hand, a homeowner’s policy covers any unforeseen events such as zoning problems and city-related ordinances that might come with buying the property. Owners policy is the fundamental policy to have instead of homeowners policy though the latter can come in handy.

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