What Hobby Farmers Should Know About Farm Insurance Plans

Many hobby farmers start off working the land they own as homeowners. A small garden soon becomes a profitable endeavor in the green-thumbed hands of a new hobby farmer. If your home garden has turned into a hobby farm, you may soon find that it is significantly supplementing your income.

While many homeowners’ insurance policies do cover gardens to some extent, they often don’t cover gardens that have started to turn a profit for the owner. In order to get your crops covered, you will need to invest in farm insurance plans. The video posted on this page can teach you more about these plans.

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While getting farm insurance may seem like a major step for a gardener turned hobby farmer, not all farm insurance policies are designed for farmers dealing with millions of dollars of crops. Some policies are designed to help those who simply sell a portion of their produce at farmers’ markets or local shops.

If your hobby farm ever does become your full-time occupation, you’ll likely need to adjust your policy to a farm owner’s policy. So if you have big plans for your future, it’s a great idea to get connected to a farm insurance provider sooner rather than later.

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