When Was the Last Time That You Updated Your Insurance Policy?

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In addition to making plans for cleaning out the garage to make room for a third car again, the family is also in the process of finding the most affordable insurance packages. As soon as the weather begins to warm up, the family will again make room in their three car garage for a third car. The oldest daughter and her vehicle moved out to her college campus two years ago, and the family has enjoyed the extra free space. Now, in preparation for the younger daughter’s sixteenth birthday, the house will again have a third car to park inside.
Although the physical preparation of the garage is going to require physical work and will take a good deal of time, it may not be any less time consuming than the search for additional affordable insurance for the third car that will be parked in the garage.
Affordable insurance is the talk of the nation. From the new Republican controlled legislature threatening to dismantle the Affordable Care Act to individual families trying to negotiate a better complete insurance package when they are in the process of adding a fourth driver to their family car insurance plan.
Home insurance, life insurance, property insurance, business insurance, automobile insurance. A long list of items that can add up to a long and expensive list of premiums. For most families and businesses, however, there are are often several options. Understanding what questions to ask when you are searching for affordable insurance can help you make your way through the red tape and understand what is being offered on a variety of different policies.
Life insurance quotes, for instance can vary from company to company and from state to state. For some individuals and families, the decision to go with a single provider for all of their policies. Others make the decision to seek out the best prices on each kind of policy. Either way, it is important to do your research.
Insurance Policies Can be Complicated and Difficult to Decipher
Perhaps just as important as deciding what an insurance policy covers, it is also important to decide what is not covered. As many people who experienced unexpected floods in the last few years can attest to, not everything is covered. Whether you are a home or a business owner who has lost property to unusual weather events in the last few years, the details and the fine print of an insurance policy often have unexpected and surprising stipulations. Consider some to these statistics about insurance in America:

  • $3,231 was the the average auto liability claim for property damage in the year 2013.
  • $15,443 was the average auto liability claim for bodily injury in the year 2013.
  • 7.2% of insured homes had a claim in the year 2012.
  • 16 and 25 year olds have some of the highest auto insurance rates.
  • Cars need to be insured 100% of the time. Coverage gaps serve as a sign to companies that the policy holder may be a risk, so it is important to never let car insurance lapse.
  • Some insurance companies offer discounts to hybrid vehicle drivers because research shows these drivers are less likely to be involved in an accident, according to Cars Direct.
  • 50% of all motor vehicle crash costs are covered by private insurers payments.
  • It is always smart to check an individual policy to see exactly what is and is not covered. Most homeowner’s insurance policies, however, cover storm damage caused by hail, tornado, and wind. Floods and earthquakes, on the other hand, usually require additional coverage.
  • 50% of homeowners indicate that have at some time in the last eight years prepared an inventory of their possessions to help document losses for their insurers.
  • Only 37% of renters had renter’s insurance, according to a 2014 Insurance Information Institute poll conducted by ORC International.
  • 95% of homeowners had homeowner’s insurance, according to a 2014 Insurance Information Institute poll conducted by ORC International.

When a car accident happens or when an unexpected storm hits your home is not the time to find out what is covered by your insurance. If you are a business owner, it is especially important to understand all of the details of your insurance policy.

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