Your Guide to Bail Bond Services and Understanding the Process

This guide examines the process of the bail bond to help you understand. Bail is fundamental for securing freedom when thrown in jail with a criminal charge. A judge determines whether to let you out on bail or not. The judge looks at the criminal record, the seriousness of the crime, where the defendant stays, and other factors to determine if they are a flight risk. The perceived degree of the defendant as a flight risk determines how high the judge sets, agrees, or denies bail.

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Once bail is set, you can pay the entire sum if you have the money or use bail bond services. The latter will charge you twelve percent service fees depending on how risky they consider paying surety and the seriousness of the charges. You do not get the extra money back at the end of your case but get all your money back if you pay for the bond yourself. You have four choices after the bond. You can pay the entire cash bond yourself, hire a bondsman, post no bond and go to jail or negotiate for a bail reduction or no bail.

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